2024 ins & Outs

Emotions and events were like riding a roller coaster in 2023. Cutting ties with individuals and mastering the skill of declining requests were among the many of my valuable 2023 lesson takeaways.


Since everyone seems to have learnt their lesson from previous years, I think that no soul has declared 2024 to be their year yet. Perhaps everyone is continually in survival mode, or maybe they are as exhausted as I am. Regardless, I claim that 2024 is a year full of abundance and prosperity, filled with love and tranquility. 


Being in a spiritual state of transformation, I listed down what are the ins and outs for me in 2024.



  • Practicing gratitude. 
  • Thinking first before doing any action or speaking up. 
  • Aligning the goals with actions and viewpoints.
  • Not being scared of being seen. 
  • Not easily swayed by the opinion of others
  • Real self care

  • Giving out energy to leeches/energy vampires/people who try to destiny swap.
  • Tolerate unfair treatments especially those who just “receive.”
  • Credit grabbers.

2024 ins

  1. Practicing gratitude. 

Without gratitude, it is impossible to manifest the things one desires into one’s life. Gratitude is the key that unlocks the floodgates of abundance, same as luck, love, wealth, and so on. 

Being grateful entails more than just expressing appreciation. True gratitude originates from inside; it’s more than just a sensation; it’s an attitude that should be maintained even when we don’t receive our desired outcomes; and it must be distinguished from gaslighting, since gratitude must be rooted in genuineness. 


2. Thinking first before doing any action or speaking up. 

Human emotions are so powerful that sometimes they move us beyond what we meant. I don’t know about anyone else but I am beyond done with the feeling of guilt and the feeling of “I should’ve said it” or “I should’ve done it.” Actions and deeds do not need to always come swiftly. Rather, it ought to be meant and delivered with conviction.


3. Aligning the goals with actions and viewpoints.

I am sick and tired of wishful thinking and slacking off. I feel like I’ve gotten a little too caught up in the social media manifestation craze. Sometimes I lay in bed, light an incense stick, and just manifest things like losing a few inches off my waist or having money pour into my bank account. 

There has to be a routine. This has been reiterated by a lot of people since it really works. Then, things that were once challenging become second nature as your routines transform into habits. If we want to make our dreams a reality, it’s not enough to just manifest the goal; we must also take action and align our views both to the goal and our actions.


4. Not being scared of being seen. 

I don’t really know why but most of the time, I am really scared to be seen by other people. Not in a way where I don’t want other people to see me literally, but in a way where I am scared for people to see me try new things that I don’t usually do. 

I’m not sure why, but I’m usually terrified of being seen by other people. Not in the sense that I don’t want other people to see me literally, but more that I am afraid of people seeing me try new things that I don’t generally do. 

But, what’s wrong with trying things that are new to me? It’s not a sin to explore what I’m best at and what I will love doing. It’s not like I’m copying another person’s entire personality. I’m just simply trying to find what I like and what I do best. 


5. Not easily swayed by the opinion of others

Have you ever been discouraged because of the snarky remarks of some people?  People that you may or may not hold dear, people that you only see once a year and have a habit of running their mouths as if you’re indebted to them? I have an advice for you; don’t be swayed easily. 

I get that it’s crucial to listen to other people’s thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to constructive criticism, but sometimes people either don’t understand what they’re saying or have ulterior motives. 

To be frank, i’m talking from experience. We all know that colored lenses look immaculate when paired with a good makeup look. Natural looking colored lenses, especially those that mimic hazel or brown eyes, have always been my favorite. 

A former acquaintance of mine has been trying to convince me, on a number of occasions, that colored lenses are really not flattering. That comment made me contemplate about the issue at hand since the lenses that I wear are always close to my natural eye color and I have been complimented by different genders about how pretty they look on me.

This person was a friend of mine for years and I genuinely believed them that I should exchange my lenses for clear ones instead… only for me to see her wearing the damn colored lenses that I do whenever she’s meeting up with a guy. 

The point here is, we all know our style. We all know what we look best at and what we are comfortable with. Each and everyone of us is unique. 


6. Real self care

“Deserve ko to.” 

I know you do.  I’m going to tell you again in case someone else hasn’t. You do deserve to treat yourself, believe me. In fact, We all do. 

in this society? It’s only natural to reward ourselves with things that we have been wanting as a form of self care… Okay, admit it, aren’t we all rewarding ourselves too much these days. And that’s only what we do, we only reward ourselves with tangible things that give us the temporary dopamine.

Trust me, you do. In this culture, everyone does. As a kind of self-care, it’s only reasonable to treat ourselves to something we’ve been coveting… Come on, everyone has been treating themselves too much lately. And that’s all we do; we simply give ourselves physical rewards for the momentary rush of dopamine.

I learned after forty eight purchases of Dior lip products, self care does not end at purchases. 

Self-care is also having a real routine, choosing what to eat, choosing the people who you wanna be with (like your friends), setting boundaries, eating foods that are healthy for your body, and it can be anything and everything that will put your body and soul in a calm and happy state.

2024 outs

  1. Giving out energy to leeches/energy vampires/people who try to destiny swap.

These individuals are malicious and often only want what you have—to experience life the way you do, to have what you have, to live someone else’s life instead of their own. 


More often, they will try confuse you to give energy to them, they will always say things with the lines of like “we are really a match made in heaven” or “we should really do things together” but in the end, they will claim that the luck happened because of them and when  when it’s your turn, you will be put into disadvantage and all the luck and the lane that you should’ve been walking is theirs. 


It’s not that hard to sense when someone is just trying to ride on your luck.

2. Tolerate unfair treatments especially those who just “receive.”

It’s TOO draining to constantly cater to the same people for the same reason that your entire existence should revolve around them; if they’re sad, you should feel sad too. If they have troubles that require your assistance, you should put them first and modify your entire day to accommodate their needs, even if it causes you inconvenience. 


This year, make sure to prioritize what makes you fulfilled and establish realistic boundaries. Being friends or acquaintances with someone does not give you carte blanche to take advantage of them, especially when you know full well the jeopardy you are placing them in. Sincere people would empathize with your situation if you just told them.

3. Credit grabbers.

It’s really not a chore to credit other people… unless you have a one sided beef with them or you simply want to steal the spotlight since you suffer from an inferiority issue or are just plain egotistical about how fantastic you are (on the things you didn’t do).


Of course we shouldn’t forget that imitation is a form of flattery. However, it’s unfair for other people to downplay your efforts or criticize your views, particularly when it concerns topics we’re passionate about. Do not let anyone trample on our rights. Envious persons would tell lies to make themselves look better than the other person.