Ill Luck Allowed by Love

The people you allow into your life may give you the most powerful evil eye.

Every detail of your life is known to these individuals; they know what you want to do, what your goals are, and what’s going on in your life.  To put it simply, they coexist with you; the people that you share your energy and blessings with, people that you gave access to be a part of your life.

While you are sharing the vibrations of success with them, they are consuming you by envy, which manifests as ill luck.

It’s easy to recognize these types of people. They are the ones who only desire to receive. In personal observations, these people always insert themselves into your success. They boast under the pretext of being grateful, specially to the public but never once to the factors that lead them to the goal. 

The evil eye creates bad luck, negative energy and vibrations, misfortune, and anything else that might harm another person. But, for me, the most distressing feature of the evil eye is that the most powerful evil eye comes from someone you cherished– close friends, family, relatives, people who you give access to in your life– rather than from complete strangers– social media friends, viewers, acquaintances– because it’s much easier to be envious of someone when you’re aware of their achievements.

It’s okay if in the back of your mind you had a hunch about the looming negativity and let things pass one time, or even the second time but it’s best and you’ll be at your best once you realize that you should lay low from those individuals. No more giving; stop forcing yourself to understand and work your way around for what’s best for other people.

If you’re feeling a little guilty about choosing what’s good for yourself, let me tell you this: you don’t need to wonder if they’re aware, things won’t happen if they are not. They decided their own course of action.