The Nadine Lustre Ingredient; V x Jelly Collab

The answer to all of our “tutorial po please” prayers. 

The creative industry is brimming with people whose minds and skills make the magic on the spotlight happen. More often than not, the general public would jump at the opportunity to work with or be a client of these exceptionally talented individuals.

But what if they made tangible goods that reflected their talent? 

The collaboration between Vice Cosmetics and celebrity make-up artist Jelly eugenio is a manifestation of that scene, appealing to the wishes of the people who always ask him, “make-up tutorial please!”

The collaboration is made up of 3 products, 1 brush set and two pallets, all perfect for on the go. This might be the hottest beauty collab of the summer in the Philippines but what exactly made it different? Considering the sheer volume of new beauty products being introduced by various brands has been quite overwhelming– It seems like the minute I open my Instagram, Trendmood has a new post or local brands launched a new product campaign. There seems to be no end to the nearly endless parade of fresh releases, whether it’s from the local or international beauty community.

W'ever Brush Set

For ₱995, you will get a 7 piece (8 if we are being specific) travel sized brush set. If you’re lucky enough, you can get the set for as low as ₱700 if you manage to snag it on Vice Cosmetic’s Tiktok live selling sale. 

At first, I was skeptical about these brushes–they seem too light and too delicate for everyday use, especially the idea of it being a travel brush set. 

However, first impressions rarely last. They are the ideal size for each specific purpose in which the size of the bristles provides greater control. The brushes do not also poke at the skin. It might be very soft, but it blends and applies the products very well.

Filter Palettes

As soon as I saw Jelly use these palettes on Nadine, I instantly set my alarm for the launch. The Filter palettes come in two varieties: Pretty Sexy is more flattering on light complexion, while Pretty Sweet is more suited to morenas, according to Jelly. The palette is really well thought of– functionality and shade wise. It contains 6 cream products, 7 powder products and a mirror!  Both palettes are priced at ₱995 each, but you can purchase them for as low as ₱904.55 at Vice Cosmetic’s Tiktok shop.


  • The pigment (with the exception of the glitter shades) are very beginner friendly in a sense that when you use products such as the powder blush, brontour, and any of the cream products, you won’t go wrong by overwhelming yourself with the pigment. 
  • The quality of the cream products is good. They blend well on the cheeks and lips and have a long-lasting formula. I used it when I attended a concert and they were still there at the end of the show.
  • The shades of each palette are in perfect harmony with each other. 
Pretty Sexy Filter Palette | Photo by Vice Cosmetics
Pretty Sweet Filter Palette | Photo by Vice Cosmetics


  • The packaging can be a piece of work since there is no divider for the powder and cream products which can make the cream products messy overtime if you are not careful. I find it very inconvenient to constantly remove and put back the acetate cover that comes with the palette.
  • As someone who always has long nails, five out of six cream pots are too small.
  • I have a personal beef with the formula of the glitter shades in both palettes. While they are lovely in photos and videos, they appear dry in person. I just prefer my glitter hues to appear “wet” and not chunky.
  • I also have a personal beef with the glitter shades of the Pretty Sexy palette, I just feel that the shades are so 2018.

Both palettes complement a wide range of skin tones; nevertheless, the brontour shades appear to be the primary consideration when choosing the palette that best suits your skin tone.

Each item in this collection offers excellent value for money. Considering the price, quality, and number of items included, it is understandable why the luxurious feel is lacking, particularly in the brushes. It goes the same with the decision to omit a separator between the cream and powder products in the palettes. Their concept of the palette being all-encompassing and fulfilling all your needs is indeed accurate. In my opinion, the selection of a palette is primarily a matter of personal preference.