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A room for everything; the gvn Hobo bag

The streets were right, you can fit your whole life in this bag!

When I prayed to God to create an affordable bag for school that is spacious enough to hold all of my necessities– especially my incredibly heavy makeup purse– he showed me a sponsored post from GVN about their large hobo bag. 

The material of the bag is a pebbled vegan leather with a thick canvas lining on the inside along with a small zip compartment. Even though the bag does not hold shape due to its material, I find that the “slouchiness” of it makes it more “chic.” Despite of my height (152cm) comapared to the bag’s size and capacity, it does not “wear me” or “swallow me,” it does not look awkward when worn, which gives a similar vibe as the Bottega Venetta Hop Large tote bag, Ralph Lauren Polo ID in large, The Row Allie leather hobo bag, and the Celine Romy bag.

Aside from the fact that this bag has a zip closure (a commuter friendly design), this feels extremely lightweight yet durable which makes it a great option for people who carry their laptop and other gadgets all at once. From experience, it can fit my 14-inch laptop, my 11-inch ipad, a make-up purse, an umbrella, my 128 pages thesis manuscript and other small items like my keys and wallet. 

Photo from GVN

Bag size: (Width: 19.7″ , Height: 16.9″ (from top of strap to base) || 13.8″ (from zipper to base) Base Depth: 3.7″) 

I have worn this bag on a daily basis without experiencing any discomfort from the straps sliding off my shoulder or the material tearing apart, which is a common occurrence with tote bags. This bag is also extremely low-maintenance. I use this bag just how Jane Birkin used her Birkin; on the floor and overloaded, yet there are no scratches, stains or any other imperfections that would render the bag unsuitable.

Among the features of this bag, my favorite is the inclusion of a carabiner (right photo) which allows you to hang your accessories that is perfect for the maximalist bag trend. 

The GVN Large Hobo Bag is available in six different colors and are sold for and ₱2,450.00 each.